FAIM Network Monthly Meetings:

Paige Carlson will facilitate the FAIM Network Meeting each month which will include program updates and a training topic.  Staff working with FAIM at local agencies are expected to attend the network meetings which will be held via Teams or Zoom unless otherwise noted. 


FAIM Coach Reference Sheet

How to – Pull FAIM Statements – Local FAIM coaches are responsible for pulling the monthly FAIM account statements from VistaShare and sending to their individual clients.  


Coach Training – FAIM 101 for current Grant 2086.

FAIM coach training to be completed in order listed:

Recording of FAIM 101 Training on 2-22-2024 – watch the recording, then review “New Asset Tracks PowerPoint 4-25-2024” – link provided below. 

– OR – view the PowerPoint presentation in the order listed below:

FAIM 101 for Grant 2086 on 2/22/2024  PowerPoint presentation from Zoom training on 2/22/2024

New Asset Tracks PowerPoint 4-25-2024 PowerPoint presentation from Teams Network Meeting on 4/25/204

Previous Training for prior Grant 2085 – FAIM enrollments completed in 2022.

FAIM 101 – Updated for 2085 State Grant – March 2022– PowerPoint from March 2022

FAIM 101 Training Program Overview 3 31 2022 – YouTube – FAIM 101 Training Video on State Grant 2085 – program overview (40 minutes)

FAIM 101 Training on Eligibility thru Exit 3 31 2022 – YouTubeFAIM 101 Training Video on State Grant 2085 (1 hour 51 minutes)

May 2024 – LSS Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellness Training Booklets

May 2022 – LSS Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellness – additional training materials

Cornerstone One – Materials / Resources

Cornerstone Two – Materials / Resources

Cornerstone Three – Materials / Resources

Cornerstone Four – Materials / Resources


FDIC Money Smart for Adults Training

FDIC: Money Smart – website

FDIC’s How Money Smart Are You? – Games – link to training games.   Create an account for your agency.  Refer clients to the site, have them create an account and link to your agency.

How to Download Money Smart for Adults – FDIC instruction sheet to access Money Smart curriculum training modules.

FDIC Money Smart for Young People: for K-12 educators – four age-appropriate curricula that promote financial understanding specifically designed for K-12 educators.

 10 29 2019 MSA 2018 Version MinnCAP Statewide TtT_clean– PowerPoint presentation from FDIC Money Smart for Adults Training on 10-29-2019 at MCIT in St. Paul