If you are unsure which grant a FAIM client is enrolled in – locate the “Intended Use” field on the FAIM account statement you pull from VistaShare each month.  The four digits listed after their chosen asset represent the grant they are enrolled in. 

FAIM enrollment forms below have been updated for State Grant 2086 – always use the current forms.  Enrollment in Grant 2086 opened on 2/20/2024 and will temporarily freeze on 3/22/2024.  The Admin team will review allocations and announce when enrollment may reopen.  

Pre-Post Enrollment Assessment Tools / Budget & Training Forms

Enrollment Forms

Please note Bremer Bank does NOT accept electronic signatures on any forms sent to them, client and coach must physically sign where indicated on forms.

Payout Request Forms

Business Asset Forms and Templates

Education Asset Forms

Home Purchase Asset Forms

  • Loan Estimate – send with payout request forms
  • Closing Disclosure (CD) – send final, signed copy after closing date.  Also required for principal reduction payout – if home was purchased after enrolling in FAIM but before meeting the minimum enrollment requirement.
  • Current Mortgage Statement – send with copy of final CD if doing a principal reduction payout.  Another copy is required within 30 days of the payout to document that the FAIM payment was applied to principal only.
  • Household Budget Estimate Form – located in Financial Training/Assessment Tools section
  • FAIM – Asset-Specific Training Hours Tracking Form – keep in local file
  • Mortgage Qualifier Form

Vehicle Purchase Asset

Exit Forms

Program Forms

Cornerstone Advocacy Service – Forms for CAS Private Match Enrollees